NKE Display is an iOS app which displays NMEA 0183 data you receive from your DMK Box.

This provides you with portable access to info as shown in the NKE screen shots below.

Setting up NKE + DMK Box

The first step is to complete the inital DMK Box installation.

Confirm that your DMK App shows that you are connected to the DMK Box (i.e. packets are arriving under Log View).

Open NKE

Launch the NKE app.

Go to Settings

You'll see this instruments view after the app launches.

Double-tap that screen to open the Settings view.

Go to Sources

Select the Sources row from the list.

Create a new Input Source

Tap the Edit button to start adding a new source.

Go to the new Input Source

Tap the Add a source row.

Enter DMK settings

Enter the DMK values for the new source:

Name: DMK


Port: 1703

Protocol: UDP

Then tap the Done button.

Confirm DMK Source is selected

Confirm that that DMK is shown under the Selected heading in the Sources list.

Then use the Settings back buttons to return to the instrument display screen.

At this point you should see your instrument values displayed in NKE Display.

That's It!

If have questions, please call (206) 971-6975 or e-mail sales@dmkyacht.com and we will help.

Also be sure to read the official NKE documentation.

Also be sure to see our iNavX configuration guide to learn how another popular iOS boating app works with your DMK Box.