MID WiFi + DMK Box

MID WiFi is an iOS app which displays NMEA 0183 data you receive from your DMK Box.

This provides you with portable access to info as shown in the MID WiFi screen shots below.

Setting up MID WiFi + DMK Box

The first step is to complete the inital DMK Box installation.

Confirm that your DMK App shows that you are connected to the DMK Box (i.e. packets are arriving under Log View).

Open MID WiFi

Launch the MID WiFi app on your iOS device.

Go to Settings

Tap SET to enter the Settings page

Enter your DMK Box into MID WiFi

Server IP Address:

Server Port: 1703

Turn off Internal GPS

Turn off Internal Compass (you should be using your boat’s instruments)

Confirm that MID WiFI receives DMK data

If those settings work, you will see the sentences streaming in the bottom window.

Then use the Done button to return to the instrument display screen.

Now should see your vessel's instrument values displayed in MID WiFi display.

That's It!

If have questions, please call (206) 971-6975 or e-mail sales@dmkyacht.com and we will help.

Also be sure to read the official MID WiFi documentation.

Keep in mind that only one app can listen to the DMK Box data at a time. Apps are normally good about handing over the connection when they go to the background, but if there is a conflict, you can see the apps running in the background by double clicking the home button, then you can force quit them by placing your finger on an app until the red and white quite button appears in the upper left corner of each app. When it does tap on the apps you wish to quit, then retry connecting with the app.

Also be sure to see our iNavX configuration guide to learn how another popular iOS boating app works with your DMK Box.