Expedition + DMK Box

Expedition is "simply the best tactical and navigation software available".

Run it on Windows (or OS X via Parallels) and use your DMK Box to provide Expedition with your vessel's NMEA 0183 and NMEA 2000 sentences. This page will show you how.

Setting up Expedition + DMK Box

The first step is to complete the inital DMK Box installation.

Confirm that your DMK App shows that you are connected to the DMK Box (i.e. packets are arriving under Log View).

Connect Your Computer to the DMK Box

Expedition runs on Windows, so the next step is to create an ad hoc Wi-Fi connection between your DMK Box and your Windows computer.

Go to your Wi-Fi settings and select the "dmkyacht" SSID.

Set up static IP settings like this:

  • IP Address Assignment: Static
  • IP Address:
  • Subnet Mask:
  • Router:

This step is the same for OS X + Parallels users; just set up the ad hoc connection with OS X rather than Windows (we'll show how to send the data to Parallels later).

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Install Expedition

Download and install the latest version of Expedition.

Bridged Network (OS X + Parallels)

OS X users need to take an extra step to provide the UDP packets that are arriving on port 1703 from the DMK Box to Parallels.

Choose the Bridged Network option for the interface that you used to connect to your DMK Box, usually Wi-Fi.

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Launch Expedition

Now you are ready to launch Expedition and set up your connection.

Set Network Connection Count

First go to the upper-left Expedition menu -> Instruments -> Number of Network Connections.

You'll see a dialog window for this, set the value to 1.

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Go to Serial and Network Ports

Again go to the upper-left Expedition menu, -> Instruments -> Serial and Network Ports.

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Enter Network Settings

Use the following network settings to tell Expedition where it can expect UDP packets to arrive from.

Note that we're entering the ad hoc IP of your DMK Box (.124) rather than the IP that your computer is connecting from.

  • Instruments: DMK Yacht
  • Connection: UDP to IP address
  • Address:
  • Port: 1703

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Confirm Sentence Receipt

Click the Apply button, then click the Raw Data.

You should see a stream of the same 0183 data you see in the DMK App.

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That's It!

If you have a GPS data source set up on your vessel, you should now see that Expedition is populating the chart view with your location.

If have questions, please call (206) 971-6975 or e-mail sales@dmkyacht.com and we will help.

Please also read the authoritative Expedition user guide.

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Also be sure to see our iRegatta and iNavX configuration guides to learn how a popular iOS boating app works with your DMK Box.