Testing the Latest Rigging Setup with Expedition and DMK Box
October 31st, 2013
Boat Maintenance

As a follow-on to the previous post on optimizing rig tension, last Sunday I went out to trial the boat's latest rigging setup against the Expedition performance curves before the upcoming Rum Run this weekend. Using our DMK 11A-GPS paired with Expedition software, I'm able to get great data. Finally the wind had come up after days of stagnant weather and it really turned into a great day for sailing.

I've been trying to improve the boat's performance with various adjustments, and this coming weekend I'll be racing in the Rum Run starting at Shilshole.

However, on my last pass around the lake my starboard side primary winch quit locking and the drum started spinning in reverse. I had already gotten the data I wanted from the sail so I tied off a Winch Hitch and headed for the dock.

self trailing winches spare parts primary winch

My boat, built in 1965, is old by fiberglass standards. When I purchased her, she had bronze single speed winches that are now used as bookends on my fireplace mantle. I replaced them back in 2003 with a pair of used Barient 27 self tailing winches. I bought three of them used from the Scuttlebutt classifieds for $500. It was a lot of money to spend on my new live aboard when making $12/hr fixing boats but the deal was too good to pass up. This week however, I was extremely thankful to have all the spare parts I had been storing for 10 years available to get the boat going.

The performance data looked much improved over where the boat was in August. We'll see at the Rum Run if it ends with an improved result.

sailing view