Seattle Boat Show 2013
February 15th, 2013
Marine Electronics
Seattle Boat Show

DMK Yacht Instruments had another successful presence at the Seattle Boat Show in 2013. We received even more interest and attention this year compared to last year's boat show—from customers who purchased DMK Boxes at our booth, to industry reps in attendance at the show.

Seattle Boat Show 2013 booth

As you can see in the photo, we displayed a banner telling folks we offered "Wireless iPad Integration." With hundreds of millions of iPads and compatible iPhones sold worldwide, it was a clear message that attracted lots of people to our booth. It was great having conversations with customers and industry folks, exchanging ideas and hearing them talk about what they're looking to do on their boats.

The pitch we offered customers was simple: here's an easy way to display your vessel's instrument data on your mobile device without spending a lot of money. The DMK Box achieves this by working as a wifi bridge, uniting instrument communication protocols on your boat and broadcasting them to your iPad, iPhone and PC.

A retail partner here in Seattle, Fisheries Supply, was just down the concourse from us at the boat show—you can see a photo of their booth below. Of course, boat owners also buy the DMK Box here at our website and from, which helps us reach customers all around the globe. We build both our models right here in Seattle, but we love having customers everywhere!

Seattle Boat Show 2013 booth Kevin seattle-boat-show-fisheries-supply-booth