New DMK Engine Configuration App for iPad to Calibrate your Engine
April 8th, 2015

At the 2015 Seattle Boat Show this year, we had the pleasure of introducing our new Engine Configuration App for iPad.

The AEM14 Analog Engine Monitor converts your boat's analog gauges to NMEA 2000 and enables them to be shown on compatible SeaTalk NG and SeaTalk 2 displays. Our new DMK Engine Configuration App for iPad makes setting up and calibrating the AEM14 simple and fast.

Our new app allows you to create and load calibration curves that match the engine sensors into the AEM14, and send those curves through a DMK 11A wifi gateway.

Our iPad app comes pre loaded curves to match U.S. and European senders, but allows the user or installer to create or edit their own calibration curves.

To take advantage of this iPad app, you'll need the DMK AEM14 and a DMK 11A or 11A-GPS WiFi multiplexer.

Editable Inputs include:
Oil pressure
Oil temperature
Coolant temperature
Engine or trim tab angle
Coolant pressure
Fuel pressure
Gear oil pressure
Gear oil temp
Tachometer calibration

After the dim switches inside the AEM14 have been correct set and the AEM14 wired to engine, then the box can be calibrated to the number of pules per revolution, and other vairables that will smooth out a bouncing tachometer reading.

Get the app from the App Store.

Watch this video to learn more about how to use your iPad to create or load engine calibration curves:

DMK AEM14 - Calibrate your boat's engine with our iPad app

Ask your local dealer about buying and installing the AEM14 Analog Engine Monitor and calibrating your engine.