New App Compatibility Support Pages for MID WiFi and Coastal Explorer
September 16th, 2013
Compatible Software

We're continually moving forward to support more apps and developers. Here's info on our own updated app, plus new support pages to help you connect two more apps to your DMK 11A or 11A-GPS. MID WiFi is for iOS, while Coastal Explorer is for Windows.

DMK app

An update to our own DMK demo app is available now, version 1.1. What's new? You can now save configuration settings for multiple DMK Box locations / vessels.

DMK app on iTunes

MID WiFi for iPhone and iPad
Compatibility Page to help you connect your DMK Box to the app:

MID-WiFi + DMK Compatibility Page

MID WiFi is an iOS app which displays NMEA 0183 data you receive from your DMK Box. This provides you with portable access to info as shown in the MID WiFi screen shots below.

MID WiFi app on iTunes

From the iTunes description: MID WiFi shows the information from the onboard systems, the angle of heel and the predicted boat speed. The data (NMEA0183) is received over the WiFi and/or from the internal compass and GPS.

Veera Solutions Website

MID wifi screen cap 1 MID wifi screen cap 2 MID wifi screen cap 3

MID WiFi Screen Shots

Coastal Explorer for Windows
Compatibility Page to help you connect your DMK Box to the app:

Coastal Explorer + DMK Compatibility Page

Coastal Explorer is a "sophisticated and full-featured, yet very easy to use navigation software package designed specifically for the pleasure boater." It provides powerful integration of charts and vessel instrument data as shown in the shots below.

Rose Point Navigation Systems Website

CE screen cap 4 CE screen cap 5

Coastal Explorer Screen Shots