Introducing the DMK AEM14 Analog Engine Monitor, NMEA 2000 & USB Gateway
February 7th, 2014

We just had another great Seattle Boat Show booth experience in 2014. We met some great customers and partners. We sold a lot of boxes, and we're building momentum by introducing our new analog engine monitor & gateway which outputs NMEA 2000.

DMK AEM14 Analog Engine Monitor

The latest addition to the DMK product family is the DMK AEM14, a NMEA 2000 analog engine monitor and USB gateway in one device.

The AEM14 connects to your engine's wiring harnesses and converts analog signals to NMEA 2000. It works with analog sending units on your engine, and outputs digital data sentences of your live engine status.

The DMK AEM14 outputs to:
• any NMEA 2000 device via NMEA 2000 backbone or the included USB port
• your existing DMK Box (11A or 11A-GPS) for display on your mobile device or PC via supported apps and software, like iRegatta, iNavx and Expedition (see our home page for a listing of all apps)

It's a great solution if you've got a boat and want to monitor your engine data on existing equipment or the latest technology.

To purchase or learn more about our analog engine monitor, the DMK AEM14, please contact Our price is $450.

See this short video to learn more:

New DMK AEM14 Analog Engine Monitor - Seattle Boat Show 2014