DMK Customers Detail Their Use of DMK 11A and AEM14
May 15th, 2014
NMEA 2000

We've had a number of sailing blogs talk about how they're using the DMK Box on their boats. We're so happy to see sailors around the world using the DMK Box to make the analysis and display of their instrument data easy to access on their mobile devices. The posts below are great to read to understand the value customers are getting from the DMK Box in various boating scenarios using software such as iRegatta and Expedition.

The Log of Hagoth: Here's Brandon Ford talking about how he purchased a DMK 11A-GPS at the 2014 Seattle Boat Show. See his blog post here.

Abilyn Racing is using their DMK 11A-GPS to connect on-board data from Raymarine instruments with an iPad running iRegatta Pro and iNavX. Check out their post here.

Here's The Incredible Hull detailing his DMK 11A on his NMEA 2000 network.

American Tugs builds high quality expedition trawlers in La Conner WA. Steve details his use of the DMK 11A connected to Raymarine Seatalk instruments, sending data to his iPad. He's also using the DMK AEM14 Analog Engine Monitor to send data from his Cummins engine to his NMEA 2000 network. See Steve's post here.

Wolfgang Hass in Germany: Translated from German. "Now the data can be provided from the SeaTalk network via the DMK box on WIFI. The new version of the Logbook (V3.5) can now use the data in addition to other programs, such as iRegatta, NKE or MID WIFI. This eliminates the manual entries."