DMK Box Infrastructure Mode: Details on How To Connect to Your Boat's WiFi
October 23rd, 2014

The DMK Box allows you to broadcast to the existing wifi system on your boat. This makes it easy to connect your mobile device, like your iPad or iPhone or PC, to your vessel's instruments.

A key differentiator between the DMK 11A and our competition is the ability to utilize Infrastructure Mode. While the DMK 11A can create its own wifi network for connecting mobile devices, Infrastructure Mode allows the DMK 11A to be configured to broadcast through your existing wifi network that allows internet access. And if you have older navigation instruments, then the DMK 11A will provide an easy installation.

It's a great solution if you've got a boat and want to monitor your engine data on existing equipment or the latest technology.

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See this detailed video to learn more about how to connect your boat's existing wifi network to the AEM14:

DMK Box Infrastructure Mode: How To Connect to Your Boat's WiFi

To see a more general overview to learn about the AEM14:

DMK AEM14 Analog Engine Monitor & NMEA 2000 Gateway