DMK App for iOS version 1.2 Released - New Features Explained
January 16th, 2014

Last month our friends at Cruising NW collaborated with us to create a quick video about the new version of the DMK App for iOS, version 1.2.

The DMK App is a great way to configure your DMK Box, plus much more. Check out the video or see the app release notes below the video.

DMK Box - DMK App 1.2 for iOS - New Features Explained

New features include WiFi Profile customization, Diagnostics, Over-the-A‏ir Firmware Updates for the DMK Box.

WiFi Profiles: Customize and save DMK Box Settings

-- See and configure settings such as SSID, Passcode, and the number and locations of streaming end points.

-- Change the connection from adhoc to infrastructure mode, allowing box to associate with another onboard router with access to the internet.

-- The stationary packet log is easier to read and logs a summary of values for packets the box parses, to see if onboard electronics are properly connected and sending messages to DMK Box.

Logging Triggers
-- This allows a user Infrastructure Mode and connect to internet and send selected data to web for monitoring.

SeaTalk to NMEA0183 on/off switch
-- Users of the current firmware can turn on translation if, for example, they wish to access a wider variety of apps that use NEMA0183 data.

Over-the-Air firmware Update
-- User with an older DMK Box can update to the newer capabilities of the box, most notably the new SeaTalk to NMEA0183 translation.