Frequently Asked Questions

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Which protocols are supported?
  • SeaTalk®
  • NMEA 0183
  • NMEA 2000

The DMK Box simply sends every sentence it receives for these protocols. The DMK App displays values for only those instruments it knows how to parse.

What instrument data is displayed in the DMK App?
  • Apparent Wind Speed
  • Apparent Wind Angle
  • Boat Speed
  • Depth Below Transducer
Does the DMK Box work with any other applications?
What is the range of the Wi-Fi signal?

50+ meters in an open field. The DMK Box has a standard RP-SMA connection for an external Wi-Fi antenna, so an aerial can solve reception problems if you have to mount the box in a spot where there is interference.

Can I use my DMK Box with an Android device?

Yes, with some important considerations:

  1. DMK does not provide an Android app, but the iRegatta Android app is excellent.
  2. You will need to configure your DMK Box for infrastructure mode (to connect to your Wi-Fi access point) since your Android device may not support an ad hoc connection.
  3. To accomplish that infrastructure mode configuration you will need access to an iOS device so you can use the DMK iOS App to perform the initial setup of your DMK Box.